Does Ceramic Coating really protect your vehicle better?



Whether you’re hearing about Ceramic Coating for the first time or you’ve been researching it for months, it can be difficult to decide on whether or not you should fork up the cash to protect your vehicle with it. So let’s discuss what it is exactly, if it’s right for you, and why it’s gaining so much attention.


Essentially Ceramic Coating is an extra 3 layers of skin for your car. Technically called a nanoceramic surface protector. So where did it come from? Ceramic Coating has been around for decades and has been used extensively in the airline industry to protect airplanes from the damage that occurs from high velocity objects in its path. Recently it has been developed to cover automobiles and their drivers that want an almost invisible extra layer of protection for their paintwork.


So is it for you? Well if you’re looking for a solution that’s hydrophobic, mud and dirt repellent, UV shielding and great against rust then it’s an option you should strongly consider to improve the durability of your vehicle. However if you’re looking for bulletproof and flamethrower shielding measures, then it’s probably not for you. 


The reason that it’s gaining so much attention is because it’s a technology that takes what we know about clear coat and enhances it by 3 times it’s durability and effectiveness without losing it’s clearness and ability to be applied unseen to the naked eye. 


If you’re looking for next level technology, perfected for decades and made accessible for consumer vehicles then this product is one you’re not going to want to miss. 

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