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Headlight Restoration 2019-12-27T08:36:24-05:00

Headlight Restoration

Reflection Detail in West Chester Pa offers headlight restoration for your car, truck, and RV

Cloudy headlights affect hundreds of thousands of vehicles in virtually every make of car and truck, foreign or domestic. Headlight restoration or headlight repair is the process of cleaning the headlight lens with specialty products and techniques to save you money over expensive replacements, get them restored!

Keep in mind:
1.  Restored headlights will improve the look and value of your car. Auto dealerships know this and have been restoring headlights for years to get top dollar on every used car they sell!

2. It will increase your vehicles trade in value and make it easier to sell! Anything that improves your car or trucks appearance is going to increase its value. Yellow, cloudy headlights just ruin the appearance of a vehicle regardless of the care you take of it.

3. It will save you hundreds over new headlights! The average plastic headlight costs around $250+ to replace (not including installation costs. Some lenses can cost in excess of $350-$400 each (just call your local Lexus or Mercedes dealer).

4. It just really looks good. And it will make your car a lot safer according to AAA.

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