How to keep your car looking fresh between detailings.


When it comes to keeping your vehicle looking fresh and protected from the day to day grind of the elements, finding the right products and methods can seem overwhelming. You just want to keep your car looking good and running well until your next visit to the detailer. We understand that you have unlimited options to take care of your vehicle. The problem is that not all solutions are created equal and the last thing you want to do is give yourself a false sense of protection.


In light of that, here’s what three things we suggest you do to keep your vehicle looking good and protected until the next time you go in to see your detailer:


  1. Always carry around an effective and proper cleaner. We recommend purchasing an interior cleaner and wipes based on your type of upholstery on your seats (leather, fabric). Having that accessible in case of a spill or dirty excursion can be the life-saving moment you need to keep your car looking and smelling great. We also recommend doing a weekly wipedown of all your interior surfaces to prevent buildup and residue.  
  2. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum! It only takes about 15 minutes but you’d be surprised how many people never vacuum their car for entire seasons of the year. Here’s the thing, many of the foul odors and smells you experience while driving come from bacteria that’s been ground into your interior carpet and seat crevices. We recommend getting a vacuum that’s equipped with a narrow nozzle to help you get deeper into your seats and floor crevices. 

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