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Recommended Detailing Schedule

Washing and Sealing

Washing is the most important part of car detailing as it removes dust, dirt, and grime from the paint surface. Washing is also the basic cleansing procedure that needs to be done as often as possible, whether on its own or as a precedent to other detailing procedures. We suggest washing a car once weekly, if possible, and at least once every two weeks, if you don’t have time.

Waxing, Sealing, and Polishing

Paint jobs are the most sensitive part of a detailing procedure, but you don’t need to do these as often. Schedule a waxing job for your car paint at least once every two months, then apply a sealant at least once every six months. It is good to polish a car after every sealant application, but if you don’t have enough time, just make sure to polish the paint at least once every year.

Wheels, Tires, Trim, and Glass Cleaning

Cleaning the wheels, tires, and trimmings of your car should be scheduled on a weekly basis. Dirt can accumulate easily on these parts of your car, so if you go on for a whole month without cleaning them, dirt tends to stick and thus become harder to remove. The same schedule can be followed for glass cleaning.

Interior detailing and cleaning

Some people prefer their interior detailing and cleaning to be done at a different time from the exterior detailing. This is because interior detailing involves several other factors that can lengthen the detailing process. For example, in interior detailing, you would have to consider the number of people who usually use the vehicle, the number and age of kids who are usually in the vehicle, and the activities of passengers while inside the car, such as eating, smoking, or drinking. If a lot of people use the car, and some of them are kids, and these passengers often eat, smoke, or drink inside the car, then you would probably need interior detailing more often. Once every two weeks would be an ideal schedule.

However, if it is only you and you refrain from eating or drinking while inside the car, you won’t need interior detailing as often. At least once every two months would suffice, but make sure to do some basic vacuuming at least once weekly or every two weeks to keep dust from settling. For deep interior shampooing, on the other hand, schedule it at least once a year.

Leather Cleaning

If you have leather in your car interior, make sure to do a thorough cleaning and conditioning once every three months to retain the beauty of the leather and to prevent wear and tear.

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