Three Cleaning hacks to keep your car COVID-19 Free

We’ve all been affected by the novel Coronavirus and our cars are not exempt. While they might be immune to the effects of a virus, they can become dangerous transmitting surfaces for the virus to land on and infect yourself and those you provide transportation to. The problem is, the threat of this virus doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. So how do you keep your car safe during this time and get back to the peace of mind you once had driving your car. 

Here are three cleaning hacks we recommend based on the cleaning standards we utilize every day at our detailing shop. 

  1. Wipe down your surfaces. All of them. Seats, handles, steering wheel, etc. Whether you’re the only one driving, you carry your family around or go out for multiple errands, wiping down your surfaces will help you eliminate the threat. We recommend using an alcohol based cleaner, however when it comes to leather a simple soap and water solution will suffice to prevent discoloration. 
  2. Wear disposable gloves out! When it comes to bringing in germs from public places after grocery store visits, etc., having gloves you can dispose of in a car trash can in the trunk before you enter the car can help eliminate the threat. Consider using one-use gloves such as latex rubber gloves to keep the germs at bay. 
  3. Create a contained space in your trunk for groceries. We all have to eat and a delivery service isn’t always an option. We suggest creating a contained space, away from yourself and your passengers to place your groceries in, in the rare case of contamination. We recommend putting down a surface between your groceries and your trunk floor so that you can remove the barrier should you need to carry items from your house that are clean to prevent cross contamination. 

We hope you find these tips useful as you continue to enjoy your driving experience with the peace of mind knowing your space is virus free!

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