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Wheel Waxing and Repair 2019-12-27T08:37:07-05:00

Wheel Waxing and Repair

Reflection Detail in West Chester Pa offers Wheel Waxing and wheel repair for your car, truck, limousine, and RV.


Our wheel waxing service will keep your car from building up brake dust on your expensive wheels. Brake dust is that unsightly dark particulate matter that builds up on your wheels and will create pits and damage to your wheels over time.

Wheel Wax changes the surface polarity of your wheels to repel brake dust particles. Wheel Wax leaves an unbelievably smooth shine on your wheels that brake dust and moisture can’t penetrate. This protective coating also makes cleaning your wheels a snap next time you wash your wheels. Don’t just clean your wheels, have Reflection Automotive Detail clean and protect them with our wheel waxing service.


If you car has already become victim to brake dust or road damage Refection Automotive Detail can help. Wheels are repaired right at our facility where they are repaired, primed, painted and clear-coated utilizing paint adhesion technology.

The paint is color matched for all foreign and domestic cars. We use the same high quality paint products used by the manufacturer.

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