Why Detail

Why You Should Detail

When it comes to taking care of your car, we understand that life happens. Scratches, kids, road paint, weather and winter happen. While the elements may be out of your control, preserving the value of your vehicle doesn’t have to be.


With detailing you gain the peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected and your car is looking great for your next drive. Detailing is more than just making sure your car looks great. At Reflection Automotive we go beyond a clean car to protect your paintwork, increase your car’s value and give you time back to drive the car you love.


With detailing you’ll restore your car to it’s new look, turn heads and drive confidently knowing your car is shielded from hazards.


Not all detailing is created equal, and unfortunately there are many shops out there that lack the experience and knowledge and cut corners on your vehicle. With Professional Detailing Services you should come to expect:

  • Quality Chemical products formulated for the materials used in today’s vehicles, especially the paint and leathers.
  • Properly trained staff with a complete understanding of materials used in today’s motor vehicles.
  • A business license and both personal and vehicle liability insurance to protect the motorist and their vehicle.
  • The knowledge and understanding of all the unique paint finishes, problems and solutions
  • A knowledge and understanding of aniline, nubuck, suede and protected leather and how to properly clean and treat them.
  • A knowledge and understanding of how to clean carpets and fabric upholstery, especially removing stains.

When you’re looking for your Professional Detailer we recommend looking for these three things: 

  • Equipment – A professional detailer should have a high pressure washer; a powerful dry vacuum, heated soil extractor, vapor steamer, ozone generator, rotary buffers (for correction), dual-action buffers (for moderate correction) and orbital waxers (for wax/sealant application).
  • Supplies – Their shop should have buffing pads for correction and polishing; both wool and foam; miscellaneous cleaning brushes each for a specialized application, pet hair removing sponges, microfiber towels and plastic razor blades.
  • Chemicals – A professional detailer will have specialized chemicals for every detailing job, not “one chemical does it all.” For example, engine degreasers for engine, wheel cleaner for wheels, all purpose cleaners, tar & grease removers, various stain removers, soil extractor shampoo, carpet shampoo, swirl removers, compounds, vinyl/plastic protectants and others.

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